Customer Spotlight: Townhouse

Our team recently helped Townhouse deploy iOS technology, with custom Powered iPad Swivel stands finished in gold, designed to seamlessly integrate into beautifully curated interior spaces.

Townhouse is shaking up the way nails are done, with super flexible online booking, sparkling salons and expert technicians.

Congratulations to the inspiring founder, Juanita Huber-Millet, on the recent Harrods location launch, and the broader success of the Townhouse brand.

In Juanita's words: "I have been a nail devotee pretty much my whole life, but I always found the salons around me uninspiring—the service wasn’t particularly professional, they were often messy and disorganised and the treatment quality was really variable. The more I looked into it, the more frustrated it made me that this whole sector seemed to have been left behind—and none more so than for the staff who deserved better. So that is what I decided to build: beautiful surroundings, reliable high-quality treatments, the latest technology and modern, stylish nail art looks."