What is Mobile Point of Sale?

Two unified themes for businesses in 2021 are flexibility and adaptability. With 2020 behind us, and the post-pandemic future once again starting to look positive, it's time to think about which tools are right for the future of your business.

We're hearing and seeing a lot more talk of 'mPOS'; mobile point of sale. This refers to a combination of mobile application and hardware, that together allow business owners to charge customers anywhere with a small, usually pocket friendly kit.

The primary advantage of mPOS is that it removes the 'old' central, fixed payment point within a retail or hospitality environment. Instead, it allows a merchant to move around a space, and collect orders and payment wherever the customer is. In an age of social distancing, this is crucial.

Not only is it a healthier way of doing business in person, it is also far more convenient for patrons within a hospitality setting. An mPOS solution allows a bill to be settles right at the table, without the need to queue at a secondary point of payment.

Most point of sale app solutions will have this functionality available 'out of the box', however in some countries there may be limited availability of the smaller form factor credit card readers.

If you're already using a solution that offers mPOS functionality, you may find the Proper iPad and iPhone mobile point of sale hardware solutions to be a valuable addition to your business toolkit.