Design Thinking - On Being Wrong

At Studio Proper we tend gather the team together and seek food and inspiration at lunch.  Typically TED has just the right video to inspire us to consider subjects beyond our day to day function.

Todays viewing was a talk by Kathryn Schultz in 2011, on the subject of 'Being Wrong'.  It struck me that this is in fact very relevant to any business, be it design or otherwise, striving for innovation.  Kathryn's thesis is that we are tought from a young age to avoid making mistakes.  We are tought to strive for 'rightness' at all times, and slowly we become perfectionists.  

The important truth is that the willingness to be 'wrong' is what drives the openess to take risks.  And it is complete comfort with risks, and with being 'wrong', that drives us to explore the new and different, essential parts of the innovation process.

The TED Talk is embedded below, and is well worth the 17 minutes.


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