How To Be More Productive Every Day

New technology springs up every day – all with the promise of making us more productive people. Fitness apps, calendar apps, goal-setting apps – the choices abound. While the abundance of technology certainly assists us in our drive towards productivity, and we encourage the use of time-saving, organizational apps, there are some additional, relatively simple ways you can be more productive every day.

Does this mean productive people have to work harder? Not necessarily. It really means you have to work better.

According to a study conducted by a social networking company to see what set their most productive employees apart, they found that their highest producing employees did not work longer hours. In fact, they found these employees didn’t even work full eight-hour days, and they took 17 minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work. 

So, let’s discuss some ways you can maximize your time and be more productive every day without working harder. You’ll have to refocus your priorities and hone time management skills. Sometimes the hardest part is just beginning. You can follow all of these tips or a few, but the most important step is picking at least one!

Here are tips for being more productive every day:

Tip #1: Set Goals

Don’t overlook the importance of goal setting. Start with your long-term goal and keep track of milestones you meet on the way to achieving it. Remember to also set short-term goals. These provide greater chances of more immediate success. Be sure to re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis. 

Tip #2: Get Up Earlier

How many times have you burned the midnight oil, slept in and gotten up feeling groggy even though you got the requisite 7-8 hours of sleep?

Research has shown that even though the numbers you sleep are the same, early risers have a distinct advantage to thinking-prowess and memory skills. Most productive people are early to bed and early to rise.

Tip #3: Exercise

According to Brookings, exercise keeps you mentally sharper and gives you more energy throughout your day. This all leads to better productivity. 

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Tip #4: Surround Yourself with Productive People

Productive people are inspiring. They keep you on task. Hang out with them. Work with them. 

Tip #5: Do What You Don’t Like First

Difficult tasks are often productivity blockers. As most elementary school teachers, who usually begin their day with math, will tell you – start off with the most challenging item on your to-do list first. You’ll have a clear mind, and if you start early, you’ll usually be free of distraction.

The rest of your day is sure to be better once you’ve gotten the challenging task out of the way.

Tip #6: Rule Your Inbox

Many of us are guilty of leaving our inboxes open all day long. How many times have you been distracted from the task at hand by a “flash sale” or an email demanding attention? Responding immediately to each email that arrives through the day is a definite productivity killer.

For example, you stop what you’re doing and read an email from your boss. You determine it calls for a long, well-crafted response, and you decide to do it later. Later comes, and you have to read the email again. You’ve now wasted your time and been less-than-productive.

Before you read an email, be sure you have enough time to respond to it. If not, wait until you do.

Tip #7: Take Breaks

As mentioned earlier, breaks are essential. Recharge with regular breaks throughout your day. You’ll not only be more productive, but you are better able to focus on the tasks before you. 

Tip #8: Stop Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is essential some of the time, but when you need to give your full attention to something, stop. Interruptions hand a fatal blow to even the most productive people. Don’t let them derail you. Take one task at a time, and you just might find you get more done. 

Tip #9: Learn to Say No

Saying yes to everything is the killer of elite productivity. Saying yes to everything is overwhelming and leaves you over-committed. Say yes only to the most important things.

Tip #10: Plan Your Day

Productive people are great list-makers. Plan your day the night before and make a list of what you need to accomplish. Make sure to include some things that are easy to check off, and carry your list with you throughout your day. 

Now that you are well on your way to being more productive every day, we offer one more tip: keep your desk area clean and organized. To help you, we offer the Pivot Stand. The ideal complement to your desktop environment, the Pivot Stand elevates your iPad and leaves more room on your desk for all that paperwork!

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