10 Interesting Mobile Device Studies

Even more than what outfit you chose for the day, your choice of smartphone brand says numerous things about you and your lifestyle. Add to that your chosen tablet brand, and you’ve set yourself apart in ways you may not even know!

iOS enabled devices such as the iPad and the iPhone are the gadgets of choice for many people including children, professionals, the tech savvy and the retired population. In this blog post, we scoured the Internet for interesting mobile device studies and little known facts.

Take a look at our top ten and see if you fit into these categories! 

iOS Users are Smart

A recent study found that iPhone users are for the most part smarter than Android users. The study found that states with more college graduates tend to have higher iPhone sales. Another study found that 64% of iPhone users have college degrees compared with 49% of Android users.

iOS Users are Charitable

iPhone users are five times more likely than Android users to have made at least 10 online charitable donations.

iOS Users Like Fancy Coffee

Coffee drinking iPhone users are 28% more likely to order a latte, cappuccino or an espresso blend than Android users who are 14% more likely to order plain coffee. iOS users are also more likely to sit around a coffee shop enjoying said fancy coffee with their friends.

You’ll most likely find them sipping coffee, talking and looking at their iPhone all at the same time!

iOS Users and Their Vehicles

In another study using CivicScience surveys, iPhone people say they only drive and have one car. Perhaps this means they are more urban?

The same study found that iPhone users have car preferences as well. When asked which brand of German car they preferred, iPhone users said they’d rather drive an Audi than a Mercedes (Android users concur). 

iOS Users Have Professional Jobs

Apple users are consistently professionals and business people. They are about equal parts professional/managerial and operations/sales. Users also tend to follow tech news and trends as it pertains to their job and their personal life. 

iOS Users are Taller

This incredible finding says, “If you are a tall, educated, rich female, you probably own an iPhone.” It tells us that nearly 40% of iPhone users are women. It goes on to say that people who are taller than most of their peers of the same age and gender are 28% more likely to choose an iOS device than an Android device.

iOS Users Love Movies and TV

Television viewing choices and movie selections differ between iOS and Android users. While iOS users prefer sitcoms like The Simpsons, Android users prefer The Family Guy. When it comes to going to the movies, iPhone users prefer comedies and dramas, while Android users like to take in action and horror films. 

Plus, iOS users are more likely to tune into ABC and NBC than the other major broadcast networks. 

iOS Users Love Celebrity News

People using iPhones or iPads are celebrity voyeurs. They’re almost twice as likely as Android users to read paparazzi blogs on a daily basis! 

Kindergartners Score Higher

This is a boon for iPad sales. This study says iPads improve kindergartner’s literacy scores. The study focused on nearly 300 children in Auburn, Maine, and it showed kindergarten iPad users scored better on every literacy test! 

iOS App Users Exercise

People are using their iOS mobile devices to stay healthy. A Nielsen study shows female consumers are driving the growth in health and fitness apps. In fact, the number of people accessing exercise apps jumped nearly 20% from 2013 to 2014! 

iOS Users Travel

Our last study tells us that iOS users travel a lot. In fact, iOS users are 50% more likely to have visited five or more countries, while Android users are 71% more likely to have never left their country at all. iOS users use a lot of frequent flier miles while Android users often don’t remember their last vacation.

The Take-Away

We’ve featured several fascinating facts about iOS users taken from interesting mobile device studies. Did you find yourself in one of these categories? If so, great! If not, there’s no need to worry. We’ve indeed shown that many iOS users march to their own beat.

If you are one of the millions of iPhone and iPad users in the world, it’s time to protect your device and enhance its features with one of our many products. From our popular bike mount to our headrest mount for easy viewing, count on us to help you get the most out of your Apple device.

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