How Startups Are Using iPads In the Office

If your business is like many startups, you’re probably looking for ways to streamline your work. This is especially true for tech startups such as design agencies, app and software designers, or marketing groups.

One of the best and sleekest ways to streamline your work and look great in the process is by using the iPad in your office.

Not only can you test your products and designs, but since the iPad is light-weight, you can tote it from meeting to meeting to share information and introduce your clients to your newest offerings and designs.

Let’s talk about some of the unique ways startups are using iPads in the office and why.

A Stellar Note Taker

Whether inside or outside of the office, it's easy to take notes using an iPad. The notes app on the iPad works great, but many startups are also using apps like Evernote to take notes and share information.

The iPad makes this extra easy because not only can workers take notes, but they can search the notes later, edit them and email them to other people for collaboration. 

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A Trustworthy Payment Option

In the office, there’s no longer a need for startups to purchase expensive cash registers or credit card processing equipment.

Taking the cash register on the road is another benefit of the iPad for the startup. Payment apps provide an easy, quick, and portable way for staff to take credit card, cash or check payments. 

Payment apps like Square make life easy for the new startup, and they are so successful that according to one source, Square has skyrocketed to a rumored valuation of more than $3 billion and 600 employees. 

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A Portable Brush Set

With an app like Procreate, graphic designers can use the more than 120 brushes that mimic real pencil sets, ink and paintbrushes to create digital effects. Designers can even create their own brushes.

Freelancers and design agencies are using apps like Procreate so their staff can create and sketch designs even when they aren’t sitting in front of their computer. Incredibly portable, the iPad app helps startup business work faster and more efficiently.

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A Presentation Maker

Many new startups need to make presentations, and they do this using their iPads. The app, Keynote, is especially handy for this as startups can create and share stunning presentations that are also PowerPoint compatible. 

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A Training Device

Consider the startup software or app designer. These folks can use their iPads to train staff as well as clients.

An iPad is a great way to introduce interactivity into training because people can actually try what they’re being shown thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll learn it the first time. 

A Paperwork Eliminator

IPads in the office eliminate clutter and streamline tedious paperwork processes. Here are a few ways startups use iPads to eliminate paper and close sales with ease:

  • Collect email addresses at the front desk.
  • Clients can complete paperwork in-office or out.

A Photographic Whiz

The iPad camera is quite handy for snapping quick photos to email especially if there isn’t a scanner nearby. The iPad can also snap screen shots and store them for you. When startups catalog these photos, they’ve an instant record-keeping system.

To Conclude

According to, iPad business use will ultimately trump personal use. IPads continue to take the place of heavy laptops in certain business sectors. For the tech startup using salespeople, design staff and more, the iPads are currently a tool of choice in the office and out. 

Startups are using iPads in the office to increase productivity and share and collaborate while toting an easily portable device that looks stylish and professional.

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