The Cutting Edge Technologies In Future Phones

The days of the phone booth are long gone. In fact, many of you reading this probably haven’t ever even seen a pay phone.

That’s ok because your needs are much greater now. Today’s society is mobile and that means portable smartphones.

Years of progressive cutting edge technology have created a powerful need and desire for the “next best phone.” With more than two thirds of Americans carrying smartphones, people are demanding the newest and best phone every year.

In fact, according to a leading tech firm, 70% of the population will have smartphones by 2020.

Since you are most likely a proud smartphone user, you may be wondering what’s new on the horizon. What new cutting edge technologies will you find in future phones? Will they be lighter, thinner and stronger? What new bells and whistles can you expect?

Let’s talk about the cutting edge technologies in future phones. 

No Cord Charging

Carrying around multiple charging devices is a hassle. We look forward to no cord charging and a simpler way to charge phones. This is certainly lurking on the horizon.

Researchers are working tirelessly to develop cell phones that can be charged wirelessly using sound waves or ultrasound. 

A company called uBeam has created a technology that takes electricity, converts it to sound and sends the audio through the air via ultrasound. A receiver than catches the sound and converts it into electricity.

This system allows you to move around your house with your phone while it is charging. This could in turn affect battery size, reducing it greatly. According to the company’s owner, Meredith Perry, “If wireless power is everywhere, then the size of your battery can shrink because it’s always charging.” 

Several major brands including Starbucks, Starwood Hotels and Virgin are said to be closing deals with uBeam as of the writing of this post. Barring problems, look for this capability in the next few years.

Force Touch Display

According to some industry experts, force touch display could be coming as soon as 2016 to a new Apple iPhone version.

Force touch is already a part of the Apple watch, and experts expect to be introduced on the newest versions of the iPhone. Force touch allows the screen to detect how hard and long a touch is applied. This opens up the door to removal of the home button and increased amount of real estate for screen size.

Gesture Control Support

What’s this? It means you can move your phone in a gesturing pattern to make the phone do something. For example, if you want to scroll through a website, you might use a tilt gesture to tilt the phone so it can do the scrolling for you.

Camera Upgrades

Expect cameras to get better with each new phone version. Industry gurus expect the new iPhone versions to come equipped with a 21 MP two-lens system and DSLR quality photos as well as HDR for a 4K video. 

A New Look

When it comes to the iPhone, people can’t seem to quite agree on what Apple’s new look will be, but with the Internet chatter high about possible design changes, it seems we can expect the iPhone to have a new look. says “2016 will bring an even-year upgrade that will likely include an all-new iPhone design.”

They believe this to be true, because since the iPhone's debut, Apple has introduced new designs in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. Next year, 2016, brings the next step in even-year design.

In Conclusion

The cutting edge technologies in future phones are interesting to contemplate. In addition to the items listed above, you can expect faster processors, souped-up RAM and increased performance. 

One researcher, who specializes in “things of the future,” says we can expect our phones to have the accuracy of a mood ring, detecting our emotions and telling us when we’re happy, mad, sad or nervous.  

That’s one technology worth waiting for!

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on cutting edge smartphone technologies on the horizon, you’ll want to take great care of your current iPhone! This way you can get top trade-in dollar when it comes time for a new one.

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Image: Steve Janosik

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